Horizon West

Horizon West, with only about one-fourth of its 23,000 acres built out, already has carved out a place among metro Orlando’s most successful newer developments.

Started less than three full decades ago in southwest Orange County, Horizon West today boasts more than 20,000 residents and, by at least some measure, is one of the three fastest growing master-planned communities nationwide. Also, just behind The Village in Sumter County, it has the second fastest growth in Florida.

All totaled, approximately 9700 single family residential complexes have been built within Horizon West’s 38 square miles. But even as construction activity continues and traffic mounts, portions of Horizon West remain rural; cows can be seen grazing in fields.

Highway access is one reason for development success. State Road 429, extending, more than 32 miles and connecting Interstate 4 to Apopka, provides access to horizon West and links to much of Central Florida.

Well planned, the incremental development also has occurred based on the concept of town centers and surrounding villages. The plan was conceived by land use experts and property owners whose citrus groves had died. Walkability and green space throughout the community are significant factors.

Lakeside Village, anchored by a Publix Super Market, was the first in the late 1990s, followed by the first neighborhood, the Lakes of Windermere. In 2012, development of the Horizon West town Center began, with the creation of the centerpiece Hamlin community of lakeside retail shops, restaurants, and homes.

The first school was opened in Lakeside Village in 2016, with Orange County Public Schools adding Bay Lake Elementary School to accommodate more than 800 students.

There is more growth on the horizon. Among them is the 200-acre Horizon West Sports Complex Orange County plans.