Our mission is to encourage wise real estate decisions through counseling and education.

Know Abbey Road Realty

We have been working together as a team since 2007. Shortly after, we partnered up and opened a real estate company, but the name was very generic and unless we made it known, people couldn’t tell that we were in real estate.

It wasn’t until late 2010, during a casual dinner with colleagues that our dear friend and marketing genius re-branded us. A combination of the phonetic sound of my name and Len’s vast musical background gave birth to Abbey Road Realty, which we all loved.

Throughout our real estate careers, we’ve had the opportunity to experience different markets and therefore are very familiar, to a personal point in some cases, with bank owned properties, foreclosures, short sales, luxury homes and our personal favorite, new construction.

5 Reasons to List with Us

1. Protection Most of our clients choose to be represented with the highest form of representation allowed by Florida Law, Single Agency.

2. Education Abbey Road Realty’s broker is also a Licensed Real Estate Instructor and a firm believer in making educated decisions. We present our clients all the facts and let them make intelligent choices.

3. Independence We are committed to allowing our clients make their own choices. No obligation and no hard sales approach. Scare tactics are never used. The facts are presented so the clients can make the best decisions. It is that simple.

4. Convenience All our practices and procedures are created with the client’s convenience in mind. Our approach is to make the transaction as smooth as possible, save time and money for our customers/clients so they can relax and move on with their life.

5. Customer Service 90% of our business come from referrals. Therefore, making sure our clients are satisfied is our top priority.

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