Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: Stewards of the future. Mission: Encouraging wise real estate decisions through counseling and education. Values: To honor God by serving people and our community, pursuing excellence, truth and stewarding resources.

Benefits of Living in Orlando

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Lower cost of living:

Orlando is significantly less expensive than cities like Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Virginia and many others. Further, there are no state income taxes and no inheritance taxes in the state of Florida, so you get to keep more of your hard earned dollars.

Economic Growth:

Because Orlando is a “Right to Work” state, we are seeing a number of companies relocating their headquarters. With the High Tech Corridor, the expansion of the Orlando International Airport, and the construction of “Medical City”, many high paid jobs are coming to the area and kick starting our economy.


Our beautiful weather in Central Florida attracts people from all over the world. We can find communities of almost every nationality in Orlando, which accounts for a lovely diverse population, business opportunities, and a delightful array of international restaurants.

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